Canada Election: Who has the worst foreign policy of the three main parties?


CANADA will vote in its most crucial election of the decade today.

Justin Trudeau could have gone into this Federal Election as the firm favourite – but his best hope is now a minority government.

Broken promises on arms sales and climate justice – along with crippling blunders dug up from the past – have dented Mr Trudeau’s standing in the polls.

He looks likely to be overcome by Conservative Andrew Scheer.

From a foreign policy perspective, both candidates look set to continue Canada’s soft imperialism.

In a campaign speech Mr Scheer said: “Russia under Vladimir Putin is looking more and more like the old imperialist Russia with each passing year.

“And China, under President Xi Jinping, is aggressively asserting its newfound economic and geopolitical influence and hardening its resolve to dominate the 21st century.”

The obvious implication is that Mr Scheer would continue to toe the NATO line.

Mr Trudeau rallied against this and said: “The Conservatives envision a world where Canada hectors from the sidelines — where we refuse to participate, but still expect a platform from which to shout.”

But he doesn’t have clean hands either.

A continued insistence to sell arms and maintain relations with Saudi Arabia has tarnished Mr Trudeau’s record as a champion of liberalism.

There is one sliver of hope for Canadians – Jagmeet Singh.

The rising NDP star won’t come out with the most seats tonight, but his rising popularity is indicative of a solid moral base and foreign policy.

He urged Ottawa to cancel the Saudi arms deal and has defended the right to boycott countries – a liberty not afforded in many US states.

There is a serious chance that Mr Trudeau will require a coalition with the NDP.

If it goes through, the battle over the moral direction of Canada’s foreign policy is on.




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