Kamala Harris is out of the Presidential race. She has Tulsi to thank for that.


KAMALA Harris’ bid to be POTUS began with so much promise.

The former California Attorney General was seen as a formidable candidate by many in the centre and on the right of the Democratic Party.

Her brilliant dismantling of Brett Kavanagh in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings did not stop him taking a place on the SCOTUS, but put Harris at the forefront of voters’ minds.

She would take this momentum into the early stages of the Democratic Primary, polling 15 percent after a barnstorming debate performance in June.

Today she was overtaken by Mike Bloomberg, who only entered the race last week.

Her downfall stems from August’s debate, where another candidate – Tulsi Gabbard – announced her own entrance.

Gabbard ripped into Harris’ appalling record on criminal justice during her tenure as Attorney General.

It was the beginning of the end for Senator Harris, who has not recovered since.

Harris appears to be no more than another neoliberal Democrat with questionable stances on Medicare for All and foreign policy.

Another clash between Gabbard and Harris in last month’s debate reflected voters’ desire for a doveish candidate.

Her past has continued to hinder her as voters doubt her progressive turn has any sincerity to it.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown wrote in Reason: “Still, much of Harris’ worst work has come from her fake-feminist agenda to “help” women and girls by throwing them in jail for having sex.

“For at least a decade, she has fought against campaigns to decriminalize consensual adult prostitution in California, ignoring the ardent lobbying of sex workers, criminal justice reformers, and human rights advocates.”

Her likeability has also come into question, with one campaign source saying: “Here she is, she’s running for Senate, as an African American woman, she should be raising gobs of money.

“The fact that she’s raising one and a half to 2 million a quarter, is absurd.

“She expects fundraisers who helped Obama to help her…She gets upset when donors don’t flock to her, it drives her crazy that she actually has to meet and talk with people.”

It meant her campaign donors dried up as people believed less and less.

Progressives now have the upper hand in the Democratic Primary, with the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders pulling away from Pete Buttigieg towards Joe Biden’s (surprising) heights.

Meanwhile, Gabbard marches on.

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