Foreign Policy stances should decide the Labour leadership contest


FOUR candidates now remain in the race to become the next leader of the UK Labour Party following its catastrophic defeat in December’s general election.

Over the coming weeks, the candidates will no doubt be sharing a multitude of theories as to what went wrong.

Was it Brexit? The leadership? Our manifesto?

These questions and more will be put to the contenders by the press and the public over the coming weeks.

In advance of the upcoming election, Redaction Politics has a wish list of foreign policy proposals we would like to see adopted by any future Labour leader.

Labour’s 2019 manifesto was full of commendable commitments on foreign policy, including but not limited to calling for an immediate end to arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen and to Israel for use in the Palestinian territories as well as recognition of the State of Palestine and advocation of a two-state solution.

Redaction would like to see any future leader defend these proposals and actively advocate for them over the course of the current Parliament.

The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen – which has seen hundreds of thousands dead in a bloody and brutal civil war – will be a key issue to contenders to discuss during this leadership election.

It is vital that the next part leader hold the government to account over arms sales.

Redaction would also like to see contenders commit to challenge regimes responsible for human rights abuses around the world.

These would include: the plights of the Kurdish people, the atrocities of the Bolsonaro regime in Brazil, and the persecution of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

During the leadership election, Redaction Politics will be compiling analyses of all the candidates’ records and proposals on foreign policy.

We will be contacting each of the candidates with questions on their foreign policy stances and will ask them to outline the sort of global leadership we would see from them if they were to become the next Prime Minister.

Redaction has asked each Labour leadership candidate how they will deal with the conflict between Israel and Palestine, whether they will stop supplying arms to Saudi Arabia and how they will defuse tensions with Iran.

All candidates were also asked who they recognise as the legitimate President of Venezuela.

Redaction will publish a series of articles detailing the foreign policy of each candidate.

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