Trump’s Deal of the Century only pleases the Israeli right

THE Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most complex issues in the world.

With historical, cultural, religious and political clashes marring any sort of negotiations between the two sides, no peacemaker has managed to successfully intervene.

But US President Donald Trump last night presented the answer the international community has been waiting for.

Described as the ‘slap of the century’ by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, experts labelled it a continuation of “apartheid” and “annexation”.

The plan, while applauded by under-pressure Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, struggled to attract the support of all those in the Knesset.

Yousef Jabareen of the Joint List told Redaction Politics: “The American deal cannot be a “peace plan” because it perpetuates the occupation of Palestinian lands and ignores the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people for self-determination.

“Thus, the plan will continue to perpetuate the conflict.

“We in the Joint List call upon international community to reject this plan and to continue to support the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state according to the 1967 borders with its capital in East Jerusalem and removal of the all settlements – which continue to be defined as war crimes according to international law. “

Left-wing political organisations were quick to highlight the partisan nature of the deal.

Image: Pixabay

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A Jewish Voice for Labour spokesperson told Redaction Politics that their rejection is in line “with Palestinians and others, Jews as well as non-Jews, who have rejected the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ announced by Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu.

“It annexes Jewish settlements and creates disconnected, isolated Palestinian areas, legitimising Israel’s denial of basic civil and political rights to Palestinians and violating the framework of international law put in place after the horrors of World War Two.

“Netanyahu’s government has already made clear that while Palestinians may have to wait years for their quasi-state, Israeli annexation of the Jordan Valley and other illegally occupied Palestinian lands is likely to start at once.

“We join Labour leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey in calling on the UK government to “loudly oppose the proposals.” 

At Prime Minister’s Questions earlier today – where the issue inevitably came up – Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the plan “will annex Palestinian territory, lock in illegal Israeli colonisation, transfer Palestinian citizens of Israel and deny Palestinian people their fundamental rights.

Image: Pixabay

He asked: “When the government meets with the US secretary of state later today, will he make it clear that the British government will stand for a genuine, internationally backed peace plan rather than this stuff proposed by Trump yesterday?”

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed “no peace plan was perfect” and urged the Palestinian Authority to engage instead of outright rejecting the plan.

A Foreign Office spokesman told Redaction Politics that the plan was “clearly a serious proposal, reflecting extensive time and effort.”

They added: “A peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that leads to peaceful coexistence could unlock the potential of the entire region, and provide both sides with the opportunity for a brighter future.

“Only the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian territories can determine whether these proposals can meet the needs and aspirations of the people they represent.

“We encourage them to give these plans genuine and fair consideration, and explore whether they might prove a first step on the road back to negotiations.”

The plan has also come under fire from sections of the American left.

Emily Mayer, co-founder of IfNotNow, a network of American Jews against the Israeli occupation, told Redaction Politics: “Trump’s plan is totally and utterly bankrupt and reveals the shameful way that our government has catered to the Israeli right — at the cost of Palestinian freedom — for our entire lives.

“This is a political ploy by both leaders to distract from their abuse of power, designed to help Netanyahu win the election in less than six weeks.

“The plan itself is a plan for permanent Israeli military occupation and control, not a plan for peace. It is simply a continuation of Trump’s strategy since entering office: to disenfranchise Palestinians and deny their rights, their agency, and even their identity. Anyone calling on us to “just give it a chance” is either willfully ignorant to the reality on the ground or shamefully indifferent to Palestinian humanity. We are disgusted with them.”

Earlier today Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said: “Enough of these foolish attempts.

“The Most Despicable Plan of the Century.”

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