Democratic Establishment fears any hint of anti-imperialism


Image: Phil Roeder

IOWA should have been decided on Monday night.

It is not known whether Shadow – a company Pete Buttigieg donated to – messed up the results on purpose.

Accusations of Russian interference are likely, should Bernie end up winning.

But the larger point in all this is the Democratic Establishment’s resistance to any form of anti-imperialism.

With CNN – which is, in some ways, a media arm of the Democrats – snubbing Tulsi Gabbard from their most recent Town Hall, it’s clear that an ethical foreign policy based on human rights is too radical for centrist Dems.

As laid out in a previous editorial, Gabbard – who appears likely to drop out if she doesn’t enjoy a strong showing in New Hampshire – has issues with her links to Narendra Modi, but her strong foreign policy stances mean she has been smeared by the likes of Hilary Clinton.

Joe Biden’s vote for the Iraq war underlines a subtle hawkishness which was ever present throughout Barack Obama’s tenure.

Pete Buttigieg, an Afghanistan War veteran, pledged to stand behind Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

Amy Klobuchar was a proud backer of military intervention in Libya in 2011.

Oligarch Mike Bloomberg supports US forces remaining in the Middle East.

And even those with non-interventionist stances can’t compare to Bernie.

Elizabeth Warren has promised to “protect American interests first and foremost” with her foreign policy outlook, while Bernie’s campaign has consistently talked about global justice.

Sanders’ foreign policy adviser Matt Duss summed it up best when he said: “I think it’s more that the Washington elite that wants a return to ‘normalcy.’

“But most Americans understand that so-called ‘normalcy’ is what gave us the Iraq War.

“‘Normalcy’ is what gave us the financial collapse. ‘Normalcy’ is what gave us Trump.”

Bernie appears the only candidate who will end arms sales to Saudi Arabia, promote peace with Iran and sensibly engage with Russia.

Donald Trump’s sabre-rattling in Venezuela, North Korea and Iran has made it even more important that an anti-interventionist replaces him in the White House.

For too long, Democrats promising pacifism have caved to the hawks in Congress. Bernie’s certainly not perfect, but he represents the best chance of a progressive foreign policy.

It’s no wonder the old guard are so keen to keep him out.


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