Redaction Politics Podcast Ep. 5: Conspiracy theories, Hungary’s anti-transgender laws and Canadian conservatism

IN the latest episode of the Redaction Politics podcast, our team tackle some of the hottest issues and under-reported topics in world politics.

This week, our Contributing Editor James Moules joins reporters in a deep-dive into three of the biggest stories Redaction covered this week.

From tobacco to coronavirus – the grim history of science denial and conspiracy theory, by Mason Quah

Hungary’s anti-transgender legislation sparks fears of further discrimination against LGBTI people, by Declan Carey

Canada seeks a UN Security Council seat, but critics are railing against its foreign policy record, by Scott Costen

Our team also explores the UK response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing unrest in the United States.

Listen to the episode on Spotify and Anchor here:




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