Redaction Politics Podcast Ep. 6: The Thucydides Trap, toppling statues and the legacy of Empire

THE Redaction Politics podcast is back once again to analyse some of the biggest topics in world politics at the moment.

This week, our reporters Matt Trinder, Declan Carey and Mason Quah joined Contributing Editor James Moules to talk about the discussion of colonial history that was sparked by the toppling of the statue of slaver Edward Colston in Bristol.

Read more on the topic here:

Winston Churchill was a racist. This should not be controversial.

The British government is rooted in white supremacy, which is why it won’t condemn Trump

The team also talked about China’s role in the world post-coronavirus. Will China become more assertive militarily? What are the chances of war? And what is the Thucydides Trap?

Read more here:

Corbyn warns of looming threat of war between United States and China

EXCLUSIVE: Boris Johnson’s Hong Kong visa plans ‘driven by geopolitics, not strong morals’

Our crew rounded up this week with another look at the upcoming presidential election in the United States, and whether Biden will keep up his current polling lead.

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Featured Image: The White House @Flickr

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