Trump labelled Juan Guaido the ‘Beto O’Rourke’ of Venezuela

DONALD Trump branded Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the “Beto O’Rourke” of Caracas, former adviser John Bolton has revealed.

Trump, who reportedly proposed an invasion of Venezuela as early as August 2017, also suggested meeting President Maduro in person for peace talks.

However, John Bolton, who left his National Security Adviser post last September, advised him against the latter.

In his latest tome, ‘The Room Where It Happened’, the oft-hawkish adviser also detailed the rest of the US President’s incoherent policy on Latin America.

This involved several sharp criticisms of Juan Guaido – whom the US has backed to try and lead the internal coup – including an embarrassing comparison to failed Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke.

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In 2019, Trump said Mr Guaido “doesn’t have what it takes” and subsequently labelled him “the Beto O’Rourke of Venezuela.”

The former Democratic Presidential candidate said at the time that Guaido was the “rightful president” of Venezuela.

According to John Bolton, Russian President Vladimir Putin was one of the prime reasons for Trump starting to doubt the Pentagon’s man in Venezuela.

Having finally been convinced by the likes of Pompeo and Bolton to recognise him as interim leader of the country, Putin compared Guaido to Hillary Clinton, and said the US’ support for him had only strengthened the incumbent.

This led to, according to Bolton, a postponement in further sanctions on Venezuela.

From there, it was all downhill for the opposition leader.

Though he was keen to take a hawkish line, Trump appeared to side with Maduro more and more during the early months of 2019.

Labelling him “too smart and too tough” to be ousted, he compared the two leaders vying for power, saying “I’ve always said Maduro is tough. This kid – nobody’s ever heard of him.”

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Strangely, Trump also criticised Guaido’s weakness after meeting his wife, who didn’t wear a wedding ring.

Trump’s desire for a military option was suppressed after the initial internal coup failed, with the US President admitting “the entire army” was behind Maduro. He was also struck by “all those good looking generals” who declared support for the Venezuelan leader.

Last night Trump rebuffed these claims, telling the Wall Street Journal that Mr Bolton. was a “liar” who was hated in the White House.

Credit goes to Michael Paarlberg for the content in this article.


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