Redaction Weekly: Keir Starmer is invoking Blairism – in more ways than one

KEIR Starmer’s sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey came just days before the 13th anniversary of Tony Blair’s departure from office.

The former Labour Prime Minister, who won three elections on the bounce and subsequently implemented New Labour ideology for 13 years, has managed to remain on the fringes of British politics.

He was consistently used as a measuring stick for Corbyn’s electoral performances, mostly in an attempt to take the shine away from the remarkable 2017 election.

Now, as Tim McNulty explains, many centrist members and MPs are invoking Blairism as Sir Starmer continues to purge the left.

Tony was, by all means, a very successful domestic politician on the surface – but his foreign policy arguably set Labour back for a generation, until anti-war Corbyn swept into power.

There are now few left-wing MPs present in the Shadow Cabinet, an astonishing change from just six months ago. The British left is badly beaten, and struggling to organise.


There is, for once, more hope across the pond.

Tuesday’s primaries saw monumental victories for Jamaal Bowman and Mondaire Jones, while AOC retained her seat easily against a well-funded challenger.

Bowman’s result, in particular, sent shockwaves through the Democratic Establishment on foreign policy.

As we described, anti-war Bowman unseated the hawkish Engel, who chaired the House Foreign Affairs committee.

In the wider race, Joe Biden is likely to defeat Trump in a number of key states including Arizona, writes contributing editor James Moules.

Just north of the border, conservatives seem to be shifting left, for once.

Our North American correspondent Scott Costen detailed how Peter MacKay has established himself as the frontrunner in the CPC election due to his more moderate message.

Right, left, right, left – what is ideology anymore (to invoke Slavoj Zizek)?

Milan prosecutors have opened a case into Nicolas Maduro’s alleged donation to the Italian 5Star party in 2010, which arguably got the party on its feet. We spoke to an expert on why the story, originally from ABC, may be manufactured.

Talking of right-wing leaders, Narendra Modi is causing more controversy in India.

Border clashes with China have only heightened tensions between the two superpowers, while Britain has been condemned for continuing to sell arms which are being used in occupied Kashmir.

Looking forward?

France votes today in a mid-term test for Macron who, if op-ed contributor Darshan Singh Brar is correct, could face annihilation in Paris and beyond.

Voting has also started in Poland. An expert told Redaction Politics that the pandemic would only strengthen the right in this election – but the race has tightened significantly since.

While you wait for the results, please take a moment to sign these two petitions demanding justice for Shukri Abdi and Elijah McClain.


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Featured Image: Rwendland @WikimediaCommons

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