Redaction Weekly: Political process under the Covid-19 pandemic

THERE’S no looking away from the pandemic.

Coronavirus has inevitably dominated world news throughout 2020, with millions of cases reported across the globe and hundreds of thousands of deaths.

As some nations begin to emerge from their lockdown restrictions, the question on many people’s lips is ‘what comes next?’

Will there be a second spike? Will I lose my job? When will we get a vaccine.

Here in the UK, the government has announced measures designed to boost jobs and business following the economic setback caused by the virus.

In this week’s Redaction Politics podcast, our team discussed the plans to ignite economic recovery after the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. But do Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s measures go far enough?

Redaction Politics Podcast Ep. 7: Do Sunak’s economic recovery plans go far enough? And what actually is ‘cancelling’?


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been embroiled in another scandal. But our North America correspondent Scott Costen reckons that it will barely impact on his authority or popularity as the pandemic continues to dominate conversation.

Trudeau’s latest scandal will barely dent his authority. Here’s why.

Elsewhere, an election in the Dominican Republic saw businessman Luis Abinader storm to power, knocking the incumbent Dominican Liberation Party out of office. But Ernesto Sagás, professor of Ethnic Studies at Colorado State University, told Redaction not to expect any large scale policy shifts.

Pro-business Abinader will struggle to deliver change in Dominican Republic


The People’s Action Party (PAP) of Singapore held on to power in this year’s general election. The party has dominated the nation’s political arena since its independence. While it still gained the lion’s share of seats, the cracks of its influence are starting to show, writes reporter Mason Quah.

‘A mandate, but not a blank cheque’: Singapore’s PAP shown to be mortal


2020 marks 25 years since the horrific tragedy of the Srebrenica genocide. Reporter Matt Trinder spoke to a survivor of the Siege of Sarajevo, who said: “What I do hope is that they don’t only remember Srebrenica every 11th July but remember it for the other 364 days of the year.”

‘Bosnia should have been a lesson for us all’

Our reporter Declan Carey also took a look at the issue of anti-black racism in the UK Labour Party. Clive Lewis MP tweeted out a warning that voters might abandon the party if the issue is not adequately addressed.

‘Structural racism’ risks pushing black voters away from Labour, MP warns


PiS’s Duda scored a narrow re-election victory as President of Poland on a platform of opposing so-called ‘LGBT ideology’. Many are concerned that LGBTQIA+ rights will be under threat in the Eastern European nation. Redaction spoke to an expert for post-election analysis.

The Redaction Politics team will return next week with another podcast episode, this time looking at the influence of the Intellectual Dark Web on online discourse.

We’ll also be posting some book reviews turning the spotlight on China’s human rights record.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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