Coming soon – How successfully is BreadTube challenging the Intellectual Dark Web?

REDACTION recently took a look at the influence that the Intellectual Dark Web holds on the internet.

Our team concluded that right wingers hold sway over online political discourse – but added that there is a growing alternative.

READ MORE: The Intellectual Dark Web is winning on YouTube – for now

BreadTube is the left’s answer to right wing YouTube and they’re challenging the Intellectual Dark Web.

ContraPoints, Philosophy Tube, and Hbomberguy use a mix of video essays and theatre to skewer the arguments of the right, adding their own experiences to offer insight to key internet debates.

In this week’s podcast the Redaction Politics team analyse the left’s response to online conservatives and discuss the role of YouTube as a political battleground.

In the meantime, you can listen to our previous podcast episodes here – including our discussion of the IDW.

Featured Image: Timothy Mann @WikimediaCommons

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