Redaction Politics Podcast Ep. 9: BreadTube vs the Intellectual Dark Web

YOUTUBERS such as Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, and Jordan Peterson have millions of subscribers – and their influence on the ‘culture war’ has been immense.

But how can the left fight back?

In this week’s podcast, the Redaction team discuss how BreadTube – that is left-wing YouTube – is responding to the Intellectual Dark Web.

The Intellectual Dark Web is winning on YouTube – for now

Content creators like ContraPoints, Philosophy Tube, and Hbomberguy challenge right-wing channels by producing detailed and sometimes eccentric video essays to get the point across – entertaining as much as educating their audiences.

Declan Carey, James Moules and Mason Quah go through the key talking points: how effective is BreadTube? Who is winning on politics YouTube? And does YouTube have a diversity problem?

Listen to the podcast here:



Featured Image: Lib soc bruh @WikimediaCommons

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