Law and Justice aren’t putting all their eggs in Trump’s basket

LAW and Justice will hope that Donald Trump is re-elected in November – but Joe Biden will prove a useful ally within the Democrats, Professor Aleks Szczerbiak told Redaction Politics.

Andrzej Duda’s victory means the conservative party now controls all levers of state power in the nation.

The re-elected President has enjoyed a close relationship with President Trump since the latter’s election in 2016, with both socially conservative leaders lavishing praise on one another.

Poland became a naturally Atlanticist country after the fall of communism, and Trump knows the nation is one of the few countries he can rely on for a warm welcome from both state and public.

Relations between Poland and the Trump administration are “very close”, Professor Szczerbiak said, as they see each other as “ideological allies” in the struggle against globalism.

Professor Szczerbiak added: “Law and Justice like him because in the run-up to the first round of voting, Duda was the first head of state to visit the United States, which provided him with some very nice election coverage.

“The Polish government will be hoping that Donald Trump wins in November – it will be much more problematic if the Democrats were to win.”

“I don’t think we’ve ever been closer to Poland than right now,” Trump said at their joint press conference in June.

But while polls aren’t looking great for President Trump – and many have predicted Joe Biden will win all the key battleground states – there may not be too drastic a change in diplomacy between the two nations if the Democrats reign triumphant in November.

“At the same time, they are also hoping that someone like Joe Biden will be much more pragmatic once he gets into office,” Professor Szczerbiak said.

“Joe Biden, because of his generation, knows a lot more about Poland and has a much closer tie with the country than Barack Obama did.

“Obama had terrible relations with Poland, especially during his first term, because he wasn’t interested in the nation.

“Biden has more interest and emotional links with Poland, and understands the situation much more.

“So the government, while it wants Trump, will be able to maintain a pragmatic working relationship with Biden.”

The State Department, who are more favourable to Law and Justice than most Democrats but less so than Trump, will also play a key role regardless of who is in the White House – and their decisions are arguably much more important than Trump’s symbolic actions towards Duda, the expert claimed.

Featured Image: Piotr Drabik @Flickr

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