Coming soon – An examination of the decline of Canada’s NDP

CANADA saw a surge of voters looking to the left in 2011 as the left-of-centre New Democratic Party (NDP) stormed to 103 seats in parliament and became the official party of opposition – but it wasn’t to last.

Leader Jack Layton’s tragic death in August of the same year started a decline from which the NDP has never recovered, losing 59 seats in 2015 as the Liberals won a landslide victory during Justin Trudeau’s ascent to Prime Minister.

In the second episode of our three-part series on the decline of the left globally, the Redaction team analyses what went wrong for the NDP, and what other parties are offering left wing voters.

The team will answer key talking points such as where do the left in Canada go from here? Can the NDP reach the heights of 2011 and challenge the Government again? And what role will the Green Party play in future elections?

Listen to part one, ‘Just what the hell happened to the Labour Party?’, here:

Featured Image: Matt Jiggins @Flickr

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