EXCLUSIVE: Delaware hopeful Jess Scarane draws an anti-imperialist line in the sand between her and Senator Chris Coons

JESS Scarane’s campaign has been buoyed in recent months by a raft of progressive victories in Democratic Primary contests across the country.

While Bernie Sanders may have dropped out, the success of Cori Bush, Jamaal Bowman and Mondaire Jones have laid the platform for left-wing upsets.

Mrs Scarane, a veteran tech executive, will face off in a race for the biggest prize yet – a chance to be the Democratic nominee for the Delaware Senate race.

As a safe blue seat, a victory against Chris Coons would all but guarantee Mrs Scarane’s presence on the Senate floor.

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Jess Scarane hails from the progressive side of the Democrats, and Chris Coons the establishment wing.

It means she would have handled certain votes very differently over the past decade – especially on foreign policy.

In an exclusive interview with Redaction Politics, she was keen to draw a line between herself and Senator Coons, saying: “This is a place where there is very clear contrast.

“He is a war-hawk and he admits to that. He has said that he differs to most Democrats because he’s more on the side of hard power than most people in his party.

“So he recognises that he is coming from a place of hawkishness.”

She labelled his foreign policy record as despicable, accusing the Senator of criminalising the BDS movement, refused to condemn Israeli settlements, and “shilling for war with Iran” when Saudi oil fields were bombed.

Though he tempered his statement later, Senator Coons told Fox and Friends initially: “My hope is that the president will consult with his generals, his diplomats, his advisors, will look hard at the intelligence.  Iran is one of the most dangerous state sponsors of terrorism.  This may well be the thing that calls for military action against Iran if that’s what the intelligence supports.”

“He was so quick to run to Fox News and say that this is potentially a war to escalate and go to war with Iran,” Mrs Scarane added.

Most recently, Senator Coons voted against Senator Bernie Sanders’ legislation to slash the Pentagon budget by 10 percent.

Now his challenger is seeking to gain Delawarean hearts – and votes – through an anti-war message that speaks to working people.

She said: “I have been running on a platform of peace, not war, and one that has been anti-imperialist from the very beginning.

“Military actions should always be our last resort, but too often the executive and congressional branch look to them first.

“It alienates our allies – we should be moving towards diplomacy and assisting our allies as the first priority.”

While refusing to specify which Senators she would seek to work with, Mrs Scarane said her first move would be to identify allies on the floor to draft legislation on pulling back US military presence around the world.

“It’s unclear what military troops are doing there,” she said.

“There are some people who are consistently anti-war and anti-escalation and I’d definitely go to those people first – but there are far too few of them, and far too many war-hawks.”

Jess Scarane is running in Delaware’s Senate Democratic Primary on September 15. For more information on her campaign, visit http://www.jessfordelaware.com.

Featured Image: Jess Scarane Campaign

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