Redaction Weekly: Madam Vice President?

IN a move that surprised few but the least observant viewers of American politics, Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris to be his running mate for November’s election.

Possibly the most talked about VP pick since Sarah Palin, Harris’ selection has sparked both praise and concern.

Many hailed the pick as a milestone in diversity, with Ms Harris being the first African-American and Asian-American woman to be on a presidential ticket.

At the same time, conservatives have sought to blast her as a far-left extremist while many on the left see her as a neoliberal centrist.

Many also expressed worries about her record as a prosecutor and Attorney General in California.

Our Editor-in-chief Tim McNulty took a dive into her record in this week’s editorial.

EDITORIAL | Kamala Harris: Why Biden’s ‘top cop’ pick for vice-president is a tough sell


We turned the spotlight on Canada this week in the Redaction Politics Podcast. Our podcast host Declan Carey and North America correspondent Scott Costen discussed the state of the left in Canada – including the decline of the NDP from its official opposition status to its electoral disaster late last year.

Redaction Politics Podcast Ep. 11: The NDP’s fall from official opposition to electoral disaster

Scott Costen also wrote a scathing column slamming the status of the monarchy in Canada and calling for its abolition.

Opinion | It’s time for Canada to abandon the monarchy


Our Editor-in-chief Tim McNulty spoke to an expert about the state of the war-torn Sahel region – and how British military intelligence will play a role in the conflict.

Sahel expert Dr Daniel Eizenga detailed the conflict: “Millions of people have been displaced by these attacks, government officials and traditional leaders have been killed, thousands of schools have been closed, and economic activity has been severely curtailed.”

UK enters intelligence war in the Sahel as civilian casualties mount amid Islamist attacks


Jess Scarane is taking on incumbent Chris Coons in the Delaware Democratic Primary to be one of the state’s candidates for Senator – and she’s running on a staunchly anti-imperialist platform.

Our team spoke to Ms Scarane about her bid to be a US Senator – and what separates her from her rival for the nomination.

EXCLUSIVE: Delaware hopeful Jess Scarane draws an anti-imperialist line in the sand between her and Senator Chris Coons


Our reporter Matt Trinder had a read of Jason Hickel’s new book ‘Less is More: How Degrowth Will Save The World.’

This book presents the case for degrowth economics and how the system could create a better world for people all across the globe.

Review | An alternate approach to the economy – Less is More: How Degrowth Will Save The World’ by Jason Hickel


Coming up on Redaction Politics – for our third podcast episode about the decline of the left, we’ll be taking a look at the United States.

What went wrong in 2016, what is the future of the Democratic Party, and in what will happen in November’s election?

Our reporter Declan Carey will be examining the university tuition fees system in the UK – and what possible alternatives could be implemented.

Contributing Editor James Moules will also be doing a retrospective review of Akira Kurosawa’s classic film ‘Rashomon’ – and how it remains so relevant in an era of rampant fake news.

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore @Flickr

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