Coming soon – God Save the Queen? Musings on the British monarchy

QUEEN Elizabeth II has ruled as monarch for more than 60 years, longer than any other in British history.

The royal family are known around the world and The Queen, while unelected, fulfils important diplomatic duties on behalf of the country.

While many nations abandoned their monarchs over time, often violently, Britain’s royal family has remained in place – but for how much longer?

In this week’s podcast, the Redaction Politics team look into the arguments for and against abolishing the institution of monarchy and question whether one day Britain may vote out the royals in favour of an elected head of state.

In the meantime, listen to our previous three episodes – examining the decline of the left in liberal democracies – here:

Part One: The United Kingdom

Part Two: Canada

Part Three: The USA

Featured Image: Pixabay

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