Coming soon – Has this country really had enough of experts?

“THE people of this country have had enough of experts” said Conservative MP Michael Gove in the weeks before the 2016 EU Referendum.

Whilst a wave of populism swept the world, the Tories declared war on scientists, economists and researchers, lining them up as the enemy of the people.

But as climate change becomes increasingly pressing and a pandemic rages, experts are arguably more important than ever.

So why are some sections of the right hostile towards experts? How involved in politics should experts be? And is there still anger towards an educated elite?

Join the Redaction team in our latest podcast episode on the topic of experts.

We’ll be reviewing a recent video by YouTube channel Philosophy Tube, make sure to check it out.

The team will also be discussing the latest developments in Biden and Trump’s race to the Oval Office.

In the meantime, check out our previous podcast episodes here.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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