Redaction Weekly: What we’re doing on election night

THE 2020 election is fast approaching – and Redaction Politics has a big announcement to make.

We’re going to be doing an all-nighter livestream on election night, keeping our viewers fully up do date every step of the way with every detail.

But there’s more to it than that.

We’ll be staying up all night long to help raise money for the asylum seekers’ aid charity Safe Passage.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “Safe Passage combines grassroots national campaigning, strategic legal casework, and arrival support so that more children making arduous journeys for sanctuary can access legal routes to safety.”

Find out more about our fundraiser here:


Redaction Politics spoke to Nazanin Zarepour of the University of Toronto about the recent ‘Peace Deals’ between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain.

“While the interests of Israel and the US are clear, the motives of the UAE are blurry. This peace deal could perhaps be a strategic response to their own dire economic circumstances, with the UAE recently entering the debt market with a 50-year bond.”

Israel-Gulf peace deal an attempt to ‘suffocate’ Iran and smash its economy


Controversy struck the Green Party of Canada after eco-socialist leadership candidate Meryam Haddad was briefly expelled from the party just as the contest was nearing its end.

Our North America correspondent Scott Costen took a look at the expulsion and appeal – and spoke to one of Haddad’s rivals for the top job for their reaction.

Green Party leadership contender Haddad faces appeal to rejoin party following expulsion

Haddad has since been reinstated.


Barbados is set to leave its colonial past behind by doing away with the monarchy.

But what is the island nation’s history and why has it retained the monarchy as head of state all these years?

Barbados bids farewell to Her Majesty with Black Lives Matter driving struggle to leave colonial past behind


Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has not been silent since his departure from the role earlier this year.

Speaking at a Stop the War event, he declared himself ‘terrified’ at the prospect of armed conflict between the United States and China – and cautioned that western foreign policy could lead to escalation.

Corbyn: ‘I am terrified’ of military escalation in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions


Our crew is set to discuss the dangers of eco-fascism and the prospect of electoral reform in the UK in our upcoming podcast episode – keep an eye out for that early in the week.

Tuesday evening will also see the first of three Trump vs Biden presidential debates. Our reporter Richard Hansen will be following up later in the week with a post-debate analysis.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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