Redaction Weekly: Do we really want a return to civil politics?

WHILE Donald Trump appears to have conquered coronavirus – the perfect political result – his deputy squared off with Kamala Harris on Wednesday night.

Senator Harris is an outwardly impressive operator – regardless of her previous political record – while Mike Pence is often known as the ultimate filibusterer.

The debate, as our reporter Richard Hansen evaluated, was low-key; the most exciting two minutes involved a fly.

But this is, apparently, what politics used to be like. Non-senile opponents who respect one another (to a certain extent) and talk substance instead of semantics.


One may ask – what’s the point? The ‘civil’ debates of the latter 20th century resulted in little but neoliberalism and privatisation, a decline in living standards for the working class.

But it’s fine, analysts say – the grown-ups are now back in the room.

That’s also how Sir Keir Starmer’s premiership was portrayed; a vastly different way of leading compared to the protest politics of Mr Corbyn.

And yet, against a blustering Boris Johnson, Labour are not only an ineffective opposition, but unprincipled.

At least with civility, the liberal order can reunite again? A Biden Presidency should ensure closer White House-Wellington relations again, an expert told Redaction Politics.

Biden victory would bring New Zealand and the US closer together after tense Trump years

Here’s the best of the rest of Redaction’s content this week:


The centre-left continues to falter around Europe, as Declan Carey explains, putting up a poor show in the first round of elections in the Czech Republic.

Czech left ‘has almost entirely disappeared’ as regional and senate election results roll in


Annamie Paul is the first black leader of a federal party in Canada, Scott Costen reports, after a long race.

Redaction Politics Podcast Ep. 19 – Annamie Paul wins the Green Party of Canada leadership race


Russia is the key player in this conflict rather than Russia, Matt Trinder reports.

Russian intervention in Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict would send Turkey packing


Trump has refused to participate in a virtual debate with Joe Biden, but Redaction Weekly suspects he will renege on that conflict.

How will a Donald full of steroids perform against Sleepy Joe? Maybe this election has some life in it yet.

Otherwise, expect some more coverage on New Zealand as next Saturday’s election edges ever closer.

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore @ Wikimedia Commons

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