Redaction Weekly: Enter the vaccine

CORONAVIRUS has provided a fairly objective playing field for how effectively every nation can respond to a crisis.

On one hand, the likes of New Zealand, Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan dealt with the pandemic decisively, putting the nation’s health first and reaping the rewards.

But the USA, UK and other so-called major powers have blundered their way through Covid-19, attempting to save the economy by opening up too early and instead sacrificing thousands of lives while cases continue to rise.

It seems they may be relying on a vaccine – one that, according to Dr Fauci, will come before the end of the year but that will take months to roll out.


And it’s the second phase that will act as an indicator to see if the likes of Trump and Boris have learned their lesson.

How will the vaccine be mass-produced – will it be outsourced or controlled centrally? Will it be free, or will only those with health insurance be entitled to it?

Will it go to the most vulnerable and those on the medical frontline first? Or will private clients be able to access it for a fee?

Joe Biden isn’t an ideal candidate, but Redaction is sure most will be more comfortable with him (and his team) at the wheel rather than Mr Trump. Follow the November 3 Presidential Election live on our Youtube channel – and we’ve teamed up with charity SafePassage for the event, so drop them a donation here.

Following RBG’s death last month, her replacement has been under the spotlight. But are her critics targeting Amy Coney Barrett in the right way?

Criticise Amy Coney Barrett – but only for her politics

Here’s the best of the rest from this week:


It was a stunning victory for MAS, Luis Arce, Evo Morales and socialism in Bolivia last week. But how did they pull it off? Read our expert analysis now:

Patience, memories and a weak, neoliberal opposition – how MAS and Morales returned to power in Bolivia


And in other Latin America news, Chilean voters could ditch their Pinochet-era constitution today. Matt Trinder explores the implications:

Chile’s constitutional referendum – breaking the binds of neoliberalism?


As the left rises in Latin America, it’s easy to forget that social democracy was devastated in Britain just last year. James Moules reviews Owen Jones’ latest text:

Rise and fall of the Corbyn era – ‘This Land’ by Owen Jones


Chile votes today, and Tanzanians will go to the polls on Wednesday. Read Tim Mcnulty’s preview here!

Tanzania’s Tundu Lissu took 16 bullets, now the election contender has his sights on power

Featured Image: White House @Flickr

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