Redaction Weekly: Centrism hits back

IT WAS only last week that this newsletter wrote about the triumph of leftists around the world.

Luis Arce won comfortably in Bolivia, Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, while Chilean voters banished their Pinochet-era constitution.

Roll on Halloween, and the spectre of centrism arrives.

Not only will Joe Biden be making plans to move to the White House come Wednesday – a far better option than Trump, but some of his policy positions are still abhorrent – we have also seen Jeremy Corbyn suspended from the Labour Party, now led by centrist Keir Starmer.

It’s a move many saw as an overreaction to an ill-timed statement from Mr Corbyn – either way, it continues a worrying trend of the left’s leaders falling, or being removed, from power in Britain.

Of course, too much ideology or intra-party scrapping can make progressives forget about the real issues in society that need to be tackled.

Luckily, Redaction writers are still laser focused. Declan Carey wrote this week on Marcus Rashford’s campaign for Free School Meals, while Mason Quah looked at the growing racism faced by British Asians during the pandemic.

Marcus Rashford’s campaign can bring long-term change in Britain

British Asians battle ‘privilege’ stigma amid three fold increase in racist abuse


Tuesday November 3 could be the day many liberals, progressives, centrists and even some conservatives have been waiting for – when Trump is voted out of office.

Redaction has penned several prediction pieces – Joe Biden is likely to win the popular vote, but the electoral college is more complicated.

Check them out below:

Electoral College 2020: Trump or Biden to win?

Trump vs Biden: How the Democrats and Republicans could end up in a dead heat this election

Electoral College: Could Kanye West steal Biden voters in crucial swing states?

This Tuesday, Redaction will be live streaming the whole event from 2200 GMT/1800 ET on our YouTube page and will be raising money for Safe Passage UK- a charity who help refugees access safe and legal routes to asylum. You can donate by clicking here.  

Featured Image: Rwendland @WikimediaCommons

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