Redaction Weekly: Trump’s last stand

“Joe Biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the President. I could make that claim also. Legal proceedings are just now beginning!” Trump said on Friday, using the social media platform that has taken him to the very top.

Biden may have won the popular vote, flipped Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania – but the incumbent is digging in with mischevious claims of voter fraud.

And so Trump’s reign will end as it began – with fire and fury, to paraphrase Michael Wolff.

By making a last stand instead of getting ready to concede, Trump does two things:

  • Fire up his loyal base to make this as uncomfortable as possible for the Democrats from now till 2024. We could see a resurgence of a Tea Party-like movement, with Trumpism at its helm.
  • Sets himself up for another run in 2024. He’ll be 78 – a year older than Biden is now – but he’s likely to still have his base.

Joe Biden’s victory, meanwhile, has either been dampened or extended, depending on which way one views it.


Self-reflection has already started from the left on why Latino voters were not engaged adequately, and why Trump managed to gain non-white voters.

The Republicans’ tantrum was likely well-planned in advance. Legally, the Democrats should be prepared if it goes to the courts, or it appears they have learned nothing from the Gore fiasco in 2000.

Redaction this week provided extensive coverage on the US election, from pre-ballot day predictions to analysis afterwards. Check it out below:

Joe Biden is inching towards the White House – but he still failed to stop the Trump movement

Donald Trump may lose the White House – but his enabling of QAnon has left a worrying legacy

In the end, we held our noses and endorsed Joe Biden – in swing states, at least.

And on election night itself, our heroic team of reporters and editors raised £500 for Safe Passage UK by doing an all-night Youtube stream. You can still donate to the charity here.

Elsewhere, reporter Kit Roberts exclusively revealed the aims and ambitions of the newly formed Northern Independence Party. Could we not only see an independent Scotland, Wales and a united Ireland, but a Republic of Northumbria?

Exclusive: Northern Independence Party aims to break away from Westminster and form the ‘Republic of Northumbria’


If you’re not bored of elections just yet, we’re likely to see the final vote counts sometime next week. How many people wrote in Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton?

It’s also emerged that campaigning is unlikely to stop – Georgia will have two Senate run-off elections in January, after which Democrats could secure a majority.

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore @ Wikimedia Commons

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