With Joe Biden moving Boston and Berlin closer on Brexit, Johnson is going to feel the squeeze


JOE Biden seems to enjoys rattling the British establishment, but friendly jibes aside, the president-elect’s pro-EU stance has greatly unnerved Brexiteers.

An Irish-American with a strong love of his roots, Biden’s White House will likely be the greenest since JF Kennedy.

As if one needed a remainder, Biden blew off a BBC news crew last week with a simple taunt ‘I’m Irish,’ with the footage since widely shared.

The US election result is a win without doubt for Dublin and by extension the EU.

In the final stages of Brexit trade talks, diplomatically Boris Johnson has been put on the back foot.

Downing Street is looking to patch up what good will remains in the Biden camp after a series of awkward exchanges.

Chiefly the fact that Boris as London Mayor accused Biden’s close friend and predecessor Barack Obama of being anti-British due to his Kenyan ancestory.

While this week attempts to build rapport with a congratulatory tweet ended with Downing Street having to explain why the message contained overwritten text congratulating Trump.

All in all not a great start amid concerns the new US leader will be less forthcoming with the US-UK trade deal much coveted by leading Brexit supporters.

Biden has been irked by Johnson’s willingness to break international law by ignoring parts of the Brexit divorce agreement.

Prior to the election, Biden made his feeling known stating a trade deal with the UK  must be “contingent” on maintaining the Good Friday Agreement in order to ensure continued peace in Northern Ireland.

In Ireland, a much thrown about political adage is ‘closer to Boston than Berlin’ alluding to the country’s strong cultural and family ties across the Atlantic.

Standing in Dublin now the bonds in both directions seem as strong as ever, with a staunch ally soon to occupy the White House.

In London, the Brexiteers are bracing themselves to soon discover what should have always been apparent – those bonds can also bind.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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