Redaction Weekly: The Trump nightmare continues

NO CONCESSION. There was brief acknowledgement that Biden may have won – but only because the election was “rigged”. Almost two weeks after polling day, Trump continues to hold on.

Last week this newsletter suggested Trump is galvanising his base for a possible Tea Party-style movement, or perhaps, more simply, a 2024 run for the White House.

He seems to have directed the battle to the streets. Harrowing scenes in DC showed violent clashes between Antifa and Trump supporters – some of whom were affiliated to the Proud Bouts – as #45 labelled counter-protestords “scum”.

The electoral college results finally came in this week, with Biden taking Arizona and Georgia, and Trump earning North Carolina and Arizona.

It gives Biden a very similar lead – 306 to 232 – to what Trump had in 2016 over Hillary.


But this fight will go on, both in the courts and on the streets. Economist Max Keiser’s analysis should strike fear into Democrats, who, if they don’t want a repeat of 2000, must have a plan.

We’re still bringing you high quality analysis of the US election, including these two treats:

How a demographic change helped Joe Biden to the White House

With Joe Biden moving Boston and Berlin closer on Brexit, Johnson is going to feel the squeeze

Kamala Harris: Why the historic Vice-President will have her eyes on the top job from January

Trump’s defeat should be celebrated. But Biden’s victory is less of a cause for joy.


While Trump may have been ousted, other strongmen are holding on in other dubious elections. John Magufuli of Tanzania compares himself to Julius Nyerere – but his recent actions are an insult to the anti-colonial activist’s legacy.

Tanzania election: How Magufuli cemented his power – but strayed further from Julius Nyerere’s legacy


No longer a Labour MP never mind the leader of the party, Jeremy Corbyn has more time to dedicate himself to supporting progressives home and abroad. Redaction attended his seminar with Rafael Correa – read about it below.

Corbyn: Progressives must unite against neoliberal forces as pandemic worsens inequality


Who knows what’s brewing in the US? A week is proving to be a long time in politics, and it seems like the Republican Party will continue to dig in.

Featured Image: Marc Nozell @ Wikimedia Commons

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