Redaction Weekly: Biden’s first test comes in Tehran

MOHSEN Fakhrizadeh’s assassination could not have come at a worse time for Joe Biden.

The Iranian scientist – said to be one of the nation’s most renowned – was ambushed and gunned down on Friday.

Iran’s leaders have already blamed Israel – and while evidence has not yet emerged, there was certainly motive.

In Washington, it presents a challenge for Mr Biden, who had hoped to implement Obama-era foreign policy in the Middle East from day one.

Instead, it looks like he will be firefighting from the off.


Having said that, it’s not like Obama’s policies stabilised the Middle East in any meaningful way. A botched intervention in the Arab Spring led to extremism instead of democracy, and the Saudi incursion into Yemen continues to this day.

The Middle East should not be under Washington’s thumb and ideally, the fate of the continent’s stability should not rest on whoever resides in the White House – but global politics is far from ideal.

Kit Roberts reported on how Biden will seek a return to the policies that served Obama so poorly from 2008-2016.

He also penned an exclusive report on Washington’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. Hint: Follow the money.

Oil market will ensure Biden steers clear of calling out Saudi human rights abuses

Still, was Trump that bad – at least, on foreign policy? Sazzad Haider, a Bangladeshi writer, analysed a tumultuous four years abroad.

Looking back on Donald: Five unprecedented measures Trump took in office

Let’s not forget Washington’s special ally, either. Westminster declared this week that foreign aid would be slashed – much to the malign of MPs and activists, Declan Carey reports.

British foreign aid spending cut ‘sends a clear signal to the world that Britain is in retreat’


Trump finally admitted on Thursday that he would leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for Biden on December 14.

Redaction has a simple comment: “Tick, tock.”

Featured Image: farsnews @ Wikimedia Commons

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