Jeremy Corbyn announces new Peace and Justice Project

By James Moules

JEREMY Corbyn has announced a new Peace and Justice Project – which is set to have a big-name lineup for its launch event in the New Year.

The former Labour leader declared the formation of his new project in a video, in which he said: “We need solidarity beyond our borders and across communities to solve our common problems together.

“The Peace and Justice Project is there to create space, hope and opportunity. In January, I’ll be able to say more when we have our launch event.”

The announcement comes just after the one-year anniversary of Labour’s crushing defeat at the 2019 general election under his leadership.

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Mr Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project is set to have an online launch event on January 17, 2021.

The event will feature high profile guests including Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana, Unite the Union General Secretary Len McCluskey and former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.

Talking about the new project, he told Jacobin magazine: “We will be looking to analyze issues; to organize with, connect, and empower groups that exist already, and to support big campaigns for change.

“We will work with unions and social movements to build a network of campaigners, grassroots activists, thinkers, and leaders, to share experiences and generate ideas about solutions to our common problems.

“Whether it’s Rolls-Royce workers defending their jobs in Barnoldswick, or the huge protests in India, whether it’s children going hungry here in one of the world’s richest countries, or languishing as refugees from war and crises.

We will combine research and analysis with campaigning and organizing. And we can build on the popular socialist policies developed in the Labour Party over the past five years.”

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Featured Image: Official Portrait/Chris McAndrew @WikimediaCommons

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