Redaction Weekly: ‘Wet wipe’ Starmer closes in on an underwhelming 2020

IT ALL seemed so rosy for Sir Keir in April.

Having won over many former Corbyn voters in the Labour leadership election, Starmer appeared to be the ‘unity candidate’ that would take the party forward.

Eight months later, party membership is in freefall, unions are slashing funding and he still hasn’t led consistently in the polls, despite the Tories botching their pandemic response at every occasion.

While his dwindling fanbase insist he is doing a stellar job, many feel a mix of contempt – and even pity – for the fence-sitting LOTO.

How will this man get activists to knock doors on a rainy Saturday morning?

Sir Keir allegedly took offence to this brilliant piece from gal-dem, with a source issuing a tepid defence taking credit for Marcus Rashford’s work during the year.

It will, perhaps, require a three of four-part series to go through Sir Keir’s failings (the Starmer version of ‘Left Out’ may not be so dull as the man himself, one hopes), but he can still do real damage to the party as a supposed home for leftists.

One area Corbynistas feared he would stray from leftist principles is foreign policy.

This week a row erupted after Redaction Politics published comments from Shadow Minister Wayne David endorsing Open Labour’s new pamphlet on Corbyn’s alleged foreign policy failings.

Redaction isn’t a huge fan of the pamphlet, but why don’t you decide yourself?

Labour’s foreign policy must avoid Corbyn’s ‘obsession with anti-imperialism’, frontbencher says


In a spot of culture news, content editor Tim Mcnulty takes a look at Mosul – a Netflix production most opposers of orientalism may well enjoy.

Mosul: Netflix Iraq war thriller recalls brutal battle against ISIS

Our Biden series continues with another interview with former Obama policy adviser Sohini Chatterjee, who told us ol’ Joe could work with Modi on human rights and hold him to account.

Biden administration must ‘seize opportunity’ to hold Modi to account

He could even prevent Ireland from remaining a tax haven! Bit optimistic, mind.

Progressive Democrats should lobby Biden to force Ireland’s hand on tax policy


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