Redaction Weekly: The fall of Guaido

WE KNOW there were bigger stories this week in supposedly more ‘developed’ nations – but Juan Guaido’s long-awaited fall has finally arrived.

The European Union – that bastion of neoliberalism – have pledged support for Mr Guaido ever since he challenged Nicolas Maduro’s rule.

But on Wednesday, a day after Maduro’s new parliament convened, the bloc announced they could no longer recognise the former opposition leader as Venezuela’s legitimate head of state.

The darling of the centrist press internationally, Guaido, for a time, actually threatened to get close to power, before his efforts ended up being a damp squib.

Perhaps Donald Trump was right – he is the Beto O’Rourke of Venezuela.

In some ways, it’s actually miraculous that Maduro survived Trump’s reign, and has since cemented his power.

With Biden coming in, former CIA analyst Fulton Armstrong told us, there may be a different line on the Latin American socialist nations.

Trump invoking the Monroe Doctrine showed he had no ‘useful strategic vision’ for Latin America – former CIA analyst

As for the EU, this week represented Britain’s first days of freedom. It was pretty uneventful, but one party has launched its campaign to rejoin already, Declan Carey reports.

New party starts Britain’s campaign to rejoin the European Union

With Trump’s suspension from Twitter, this week Redaction has chosen to focus on the much-maligned term ‘fake news’, which will still be a danger under Biden.

Richard Baker looked at misinformation in the age of Covid, while new contributor Charlie Fletcher analysed voter suppression and authoritarianism.

‘Misinformation isn’t going to go away on its own’: Fake News in the era of Trump and Covid

US Election 2020: Voter suppression and the ‘slippery slope’ towards authoritarianism


This week sees the Ugandan election, where incumbent President Museveni has claimed opposition candidates are agents of “foreign interest”.

Museveni, 76, has ruled Uganda for 60 percent of its post-independence period – but he may face his closest election yet.

Featured Image: Alexcocopro @WikimediaCommons

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