Redaction Weekly: Land of the Free? Home of the Rage

THE world was stunned on January 6, 2021, when a crowd of Trump supporters forced their way into and stormed the capitol building – during which five people died.

On accusations of inciting insurrection, Trump has become the first US President to be impeached twice – meaning 50 per cent of all impeachments of American presidents have been levelled at the 45th.

Joe Biden is set to be sworn in this coming week, but the USA remains a bitterly divided nation in the wake of November’s election – and the tumultuous events since then.

We’ll be discussing all of this in our first podcast episode of 2021 – which will be coming soon after the inauguration day.


Corbyn may have lost the 2019 general election – and resoundingly so – but many continue to passionately advocate the policy platform on which he stood.

Some would even argue that the Tory party has adopted policies that would make the veteran socialist proud.

Our newest contributor Thomas Judge shared his thoughts.

Which Jeremy Corbyn policies might the Tories adopt next?

Meanwhile, our reporter Mason Quah took a look at the UK government’s Hong Kong migration plan.

Hong Kong migration plan would benefit the UK – but only if handled carefully


Mass protests against controversial farming bills have continued in India – and an expert told Redaction Politics that this could dent the ruling BJP’s support in coming elections.

Professor Guharpal Singh of SOAS said: “There is some indication that it is already having some impact on his votebank – for example, in Haryana – and there are critical elections in the states in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Kerala next year, which might turn the tide against the government.”

Indian Farmers’ Protests have shaken up Modi, but the BJP won’t relent


Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of the centrist Italia Viva suddenly pulled his party’s support for the current government of Italy – leading to further turmoil.

Redaction Politics spoke to an expert about what this will mean for Italy – and whether a fresh election is a possibility.

Italy’s Political Crisis: Why Italians may be forced to the polls again after Renzi’s shock move


Stay tuned with us later today (Sunday January 17, 2021) as we cover the launch event of Jeremy Corbyn’s new Peace and Justice project.

As well as the man himself, other high profile speakers include Zarah Sultana MP, Len McCluskey and Yanis Varoufakis.

We’ll be providing you with live updates throughout the evening, and a further dive into the discussion with an article in the coming week.

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore @Flickr

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