Redaction Weekly: Let’s all go to brunch

DONALD Trump is finally gone.

You’ve known that since November 5, but up till the moment Joe Biden was inaugurated, there were lingering doubts over his possible antics.

For some, this is the return to normalcy. Medicare for some. Student debt cancellation (to a certain degree – don’t be ridiculous!), no more sabre-rattling with Iran and of course, some dignity in the White House.

And to be fair, he hasn’t had a bad start undoing the Trump legacy.

The so-called Muslim Ban is to be overturned, the US will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and the Keystone Pipeline has been axed.

Much of this is down to pressure from the left – Justice Democrats, the Squad, the Sunrise Movement etc. – but it must carry on.

Progressives cannot allow the Biden administration to become complacent. Disappointingly, progressive voters fell in line after the DNC stitched up Bernie – twice.

The good thing? They’re owed big time by the Democrats – but they will only get concessions if they continue to put pressure.


Leftist movements are also taking a stand in other nations around the world, despite a tough 2020 for progressives.

Redaction covered the launch of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s new Peace and Justice Project live.

Mr Corbyn promised to take on Rupert Murdoch’s new TV channel, as well as warning against vaccine nationalism.

Jeremy Corbyn leads the charge against ‘vaccine nationalism’ and pledges to ‘take on’ Rupert Murdoch’s new venture

But with the Labour leader gone, Wales – like Scotland – appears to be falling to the Tories, according to recent polling.

Perhaps, as James Moules reports, the Welsh may split off from the UK altogether?

Welsh independence: Covid-19 pandemic has ‘shaken people’s belief’ in Westminster, activist says

Of course, revolution isn’t achieved at the ballot box. And while Bitcoin is usually seen as a tool for wealthy libertarians, some argue the left should harness the technology behind us. For the first in our series on Blockchain and the Left, we interviewed the Blockchain Socialist.

Cryptocommunism? Why Bitcoin isn’t only for right wing libertarians


Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is set to comfortably win a second term as the President of Portugal.

While the role has no legislative power, it’s an important indication of the country’s feeling.

Watch out for André Ventura’s proportion – the right-wing populist may be set to send shockwaves through the populace if he does well.

Featured Image: Cyndy Sims Parr @Flickr

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