Redaction Weekly: Biden might be alright, after all

There’s not too much to like about Joe Biden’s foreign policy.

As Redaction has previously exposed, while not an outright John Bolton-style hawk, Biden is a mainstream Democrat when it comes to foreign policy.

It was no surprise, then, when anti-war campaigners eyed up his first weeks in office as an indication of whether he would carry on Barack Obama’s disastrous foreign policy failings – or seek a new path.

There was hope – in 2019, Biden wrote: “I would end U.S. support for the disastrous Saudi-led war in Yemen and order a reassessment of our relationship with Saudi Arabia… President Trump has issued Saudi Arabia a dangerous blank check.


“Saudi Arabia has used it to extend a war in Yemen that has created the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, pursue reckless foreign policy fights, and repress its own people.”

And while he may not have lived up to his promise on $2,000 stimulus checks, it appears Biden has fulfilled his promise on the Saudi-led incursion.

Reports emerged on Wednesday that the Biden administration has paused arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, leading Andrew Smith of Campaign Against Arms Trade to say: “The Saudi-led bombing of Yemen would not be possible without the arms sales and support of the White House. 

“Joe Biden has repeatedly promised to end that support, so, if these reports are true, it is definitely an encouraging sign. We hope that this freeze will see these arms sales cancelled and ongoing licences revoked.

“This terrible war has endured for six years. If Biden sticks to his word and ends the arms sales it could be a huge step towards ending the brutal bombardment and blockade.”

But while the US – for once – is settled in an electoral sense, other nations have been thrown into turmoil.

In Italy, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s resignation – following Matteo Renzi’s withdrawal of support – will likely force Italians back to the polls – just as Redaction predicted!

Italy’s strange political crisis could mean an election is necessary

Italy’s Political Crisis: Why Italians might be forced to the polls again after Renzi’s shock move

A shock election was also called in Palestine – the first in 15 years. Our new reporter Clifford Mason talked to a range of experts about the prospects.

Palestinian election call indicates tentative hope in Biden’s Middle East policy

We’re not too sure if North Korea is ready for an election just yet, however. And with Kim Jong-Un seemingly teetering, James Moules reports, could we see a breakdown of the DPRK?

North Korea could face severe economic crisis – but Kim Jong-un will likely remain in power

The pressure is still on Biden though – whether to expand American democracy by giving statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico, or solidify a doveish foreign policy position.

Biden ‘must quit the double standards’ of past Presidents, ANC politician says

Biden should expand American democracy by giving Washington DC and Puerto Rico statehood


We told you last week to keep an eye on the Portuguese Presidential election – not for de Sousa’s obvious win, but for the performance of Andre Ventura.

Unfortunately, the anti-immigration ticket won almost 12% of the vote. Redaction will have more analysis on this in the coming weeks.

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore @Flickr

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