Chomsky warns of humanity’s drive to ‘species suicide’ amidst climate and nuclear threats

By Richard Baker

NOAM Chomsky highlighted the looming environmental crisis and threat of nuclear war as factors which could end the human race.

Speaking at the launch of Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project, he urged international decision makers to do more to tackle the climate emergency. If not challenged now, “the game is over, literally”, he said.

“Though there are feasible methods to save the environment that sustains life, they are not being employed to the extent that is necessary.”

The social commenter also noted the limited impact of the United Nations Treaty on prohibition of nuclear weapons. A UN push aiming for the outright elimination of nuclear weapons in the future. The treaty came into force on January 22, 2021 and was signed by 122 nations. Not one nation with nuclear weapons being any of those 122.

Chomsky added: “These intolerable flaws can and must be remedied and soon. If humans are capable of stemming their drive to species suicide, other critical problems can be confronted and overcome.”

Warning too that if these flaws aren’t overcome soon, “the human experiment will have come to an inglorious end, bringing down much of the living world with it.”

Ending on a message of hope, Chomsky said the removal of “malevolent force” Donald Trump will help to ease global sores.

Trump who “for four dread years has been dedicated to destroying the environment that sustains life”, said Chomsky.

“Most, not all” are in the grasps of the pandemic. Those nations who have escaped the throws of it, can teach the rest of the world lessons on how to respond effectively and let normal life flourish once more.

“The millions of deaths, the enormous suffering are needless.

“The answers are within our grasp”, he said.

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Also along for the launch was Greek economist and potent force of the DiEM25 movement, Yanis Varoufakis.

Varoufakis noted that the present is calling out for urgent change. Louder than at the end of the Second World War. The pandemic has raised serious, fundamental questions over capitalism and its application in a post-Covid world. On top of exposing the interdependence between nations, societies and institutions.

He said: “Never before in the history of capitalism has there been such a huge need for radical socio-economic change in the direction of rethinking and transcending capitalism.

“While at the same time never before has the political system been so successful in stemming radical political change.”

Varoufakis labbeling it a “state of paradox” for those on the Left.

The former Greek Finance Minister, who resigned in 2015 despite Greek voters backing his call to reject eurozone pleas to enter the single currency, described how Socialism needs to adapt to ensure success in the future.

“We need to emulate the fascists and the bankers. Only in one respect. To internationalise the struggle”, he added.

This is the main reason the fascists and the bankers have been so successful, according to Varoufakis.

He called on the Left to promptly internationalise and coalesce, the way the bankers did so after 2008.

“It was internationalism in action (in 2008). They put pressure all together with immense solidarity upon all the governments. To take huge wads of wealth from the many and give it to them. The very, very, very few”, he said.

Continuing to lament how only “socialism for the oligarchy” has been practiced since 2008.

He labelled the right-wing characters like Matteo Salvini, Jair Bolsonaro, President Modi of India and the German AfD as “nationalists international.”

Mourning how their politics has lurched so easily into the mainstream. In turn helping to kick down the voices of the Left.

Adding: “They are seriously getting together. It doesn’t matter whether they win elections or not. Because even when they don’t win elections, in the end their toxic, racist, bigoted, austerian policies manage to seep into the centre right and the centre left.”

Varoufakis showed support for Jeremy Corbyn after the ex -Labour leader’s demonisation since standing down after the 2019 General Election. Sympathising with the Islington North MP after he had experienced his own ‘demonisation’ in 2015 in Greece.

He said: “Jeremy and John McDonald together changed the Labour Party, turning it into a clear and present danger for the oligarchy.

“No good deed goes unpunished. He had to be demonised.”

The powers of the few have gotten rather good at demonising lately according to the Greek economist.

Adding: “They have gotten far more efficient at undermining us. They tell us things that hurt us.”

Featured Image: Asadr1337 @WikimediaCommons

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