Redaction Weekly: Britannia(’s virus) rules the waves

KENT has been the frontline of post-Brexit border chaos in recent weeks but there is one export which has been shipped with ease.

The new coronavirus variant first found in the sleepy English country has already been detected in more than 50 countries.

The UK’s genetic surveillance chief has predicted the mutation is on tract to become the world’s dominant strain – Global Britain in indeed.

Professor Sharon Peacock told the BBC’s Newscast podcast the new variant has “swept the country” and “it’s going to sweep the world, in all probability”.

Britain’s Vaccination rollout is another front which has seen sweeping advancement with jabs into arms continuing at a bruising speed.


However, the Oxford dose has been mired in controversy surrounding its effectiveness against new variants.

South Africa’s variant has seemingly evolved powers to evade immunity from vaccines according to early data from trails.

The same tests worryingly showed for young people. the vaccine put up only “minimal protection” against mild and moderate cases of the disease.

Current vaccines were designed around earlier versions of coronavirus, but scientists believe they should still work against the new ones, although perhaps not quite as well.

Oxford’s leading lights have insisted their vaccine is still expected to prevent people from becoming seriously ill with Covid-19 and needing hospital treatment.

Prof Peacock, for our part, said the vaccines approved for use in the UK appeared be well equipped to take on the existing variants of the virus in the country.

Leave it to the political scientist in that case to play the downer, with warnings of impending catastrophe.

At least the vaccine rollout has gone swimmingly. It’s, perhaps, the one thing the government HAS got right – and it’s no coincidence that the operation is run by the centralised NHS as opposed to private companies.

Noam Chomsky highlighted the looming environmental crisis and threat of nuclear war as factors which could end the human race.

Jeremy Corbyn has also reminded the world that the coronavirus is not the only deadly export doing the rounds

With the Independent Labour MP for Islington North demanding the cessation of arms sales to Saudi Arabia that drive the killing of children and the destruction of an entire country.

Corbyn demands an end to Saudi arms sales and ‘massive destruction’ of Yemen

The former Labour leader is not the only voice making demands of power this week, with countless millions in India continuing to stand up against moves to privatise agriculture

Farmers’ Protest the ‘most powerful’ demonstration India has ever seen

The Indian Farmers struggle promised to inspire the world in much the same as the Arab Sprin

But will Modi go the way of Hosni Mubarak, ousted from office after eighteen days of protests and uprisings.

Tahrir Square became the iconic epicentre for resistance, but now Egypt is once more mired in dictatorship

The pandemic has altered much and political struggles have not gone untouched. Women right’s in particular have seen renewed focus.

Gibraltar’s doomed abortion referendum leaves online terminations the only lifeline for women


Spain also sees like elsewhere during the pandemic a resurgent far-right looking to take full advantage.

The far-right is poised to take seats in the Catalan parliament for the first time in an election too unpredictable to call.

Far-right making inroads in Catalonia on promise to fight independence

Featured Imaged: Pixabay

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