Party campaigning to bring Britain back into EU to stand in London Assembly election

By Declan Carey

A PARTY campaigning to bring Britain back into the European Union (EU) will field candidates in the London Assembly election in May.

The Rejoin EU party, with support from Volt UK, will offer Londoners a chance to vote for a pro-European list in the first UK election since the Brexit transition period ended.

Areas of London such as Lambeth and Hackney were among the highest remain-supporting constituencies in the UK in the 2016 EU referendum.

Volt UK co-president Alex Haida told Redaction Politics: “There is a lot of tribalism within the grassroots Pro-EU campaign, but Volt can put pressure on other parties to come together and reform this country.

“We need to break this tribalism. There are some Lib Dem candidates who are probably frustrated with their leadership, also Labour, Greens or even Conservatives who are pro-European and they can team up with us too.

“Volt is a tool to put pressure on other parties and create a progressive alliance.

“We are in discussions with other candidates and we are trying to cooperate with these people.”

One of Volt UK’s goals is to revamp the electoral voting system in the UK and introduce proportional representation to replace the first past the post system.

The Labour Party won 12 seats in the last London Assembly election in May 2016, four more than the Conservatives, and Sadiq Khan was also voted in as Mayor of London replacing previous incumbent Boris Johnson.

Rejoin EU Party list leader Richard Hewison said: “Brexit just isn’t working. I am putting myself forward in this election because I feel, morally, no father can just stand by and watch the rights of their children being stripped away without taking action, and there just aren’t any other voices advocating for what is right in this election.”

The two parties stressed they don’t want to split the pro-European vote and divide Londoners who want to rejoin the EU, so working together will offer a single platform for a united rejoin campaign.

The London Assembly holds the Mayor of London to account and makes proposals to the government on how to improve the UK’s capital city.

UK local elections including for the London Assembly take place on Thursday 6 May.

Featured Image: Garry Knight @Flickr (Public Domain)

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8 thoughts on “Party campaigning to bring Britain back into EU to stand in London Assembly election

  1. Wish them all the luck in the world. There certainly needs to be a volte face before we sink deeper and deeper into the mire of despond.


  2. Would really like to see a pro EU collective of like minded candidates – pooling the votes together and not fragment it.
    Those who voted to remain and now wish to rejoin the EU need a united country wide action to get proper representation – I feel my vote is effectively disregarded and thrown into the rubbish bin because I live in a majority Tory seat – I need PR, FPTP is no longer fit for purpose.


  3. The future of a fair and just society , honouring equality and inclusive diversity is only achievable together ;
    I am European in spirit of that inclusiveness, my heritage happens to be European but it is my European heart that is my future.


  4. Just basic common sense really, isn’t it. As long as opposition to the minority-supported Tory party is fragmented into even smaller minority tribes, under FPTP we’ll have a Tory government and Tory local governments for ever. All opposition parties should, maybe just for a few years, unite as one coalition, field a single candidate in all elections local and national, and get into power. Only then can progressive parties bring in some kind of PR that will stop the permanent Tory “majority”, which will be even more permanent if Scotland leaves the UK. After PR, parties can then if they want regain more autonomy or independence…. but for that to happen, all anti-Tories HAVE TO put their differences and tribal ambitions aside and concentrate on their similar goals.


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