Redaction Weekly: Yemen aid cuts heralds Global ‘austerity’ Britain

FOREIGN secretary Dominic Raab stated back in January that the Britain was looking to become a leading “problem-solving, conflict resolving” world player.

But “global Britain” is not living up to even this Deloittian doublespeak.

UK government has announced plans to impose cuts to international aid to Yemen leaving millions of war-wearing people behind.

Some people may not be surprised at the British government’s willingness to cutting aid to starving Yemeni children,

Indeed not long ago the same ministers seemed perfectly content to see British children go hungry, had it not been for a campaign by a particular young footballer.


Budgetary necessity, the cutting of foreign aid spending to managed a deficit bloated by pandemic response, that is line from Numbers 10 and 11.

Osborne-era austerity ruled out at home by a “build back better” Boris Johnson, now spending cuts have been targeted at the deprived abroad.

The misery of the post crash coalition era, the low-pay and food banks took a long time to cut through and that was biting in our towns, along our high streets in out children’s schools.

A global Britain offers nothing to the world on this showing, so what about a new emboldened China?

Beijing has succeeded in containing the virus while democracies fumbled, encouraging China’s leaders to roll out strong foreign policies.

Covid gives teeth to China’s Wolf Warrior Diplomats

Trust in Britain has no doubt been damaged internationally by the callous treatment of Yemen, and domestically ‘the assault on truth’ continues.

An examination of political lying – ‘The Assault on Truth’ by Peter Oborne

The climate is damaging trust in establishment politics across Europe, fuelling a rise in the far-right with the Catalonia next to be breached.

Populism and a growing far-right in Europe: How Spanish ultranationalists won their first seats in Catalonia


The explosive growth of anti-vaccination conspiracies has led to concern that vaccine rollouts in certain countries may be impeded by a public who distrust the science.

Coming Soon – Investigating Vaccine Conspiracies

In the first episode of Redaction’s Conspiracy Review, Mason Quah will look at where anti-vax beliefs come from and what threat they pose.

Featured Image: mohammad ali Pixabay 

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