Will the Meghan and Harry interview boost the case for British republicanism?


MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry’s brand launching Oprah interview last weekend had the explosive payload of a ICBM.

Striking British televisions on Monday night the programme made grim viewing behind the rickety gates of Buckingham Palace.

Endless headlines and rent a gobs have since dissected the litany of heavy allegations levelled at the British crown from racism to mental health denialism.

The conclusion slowly emerging from the royalist media hysteria is a simple one. The British Monarchy is weathering a major storm.

To the eyes of a Thatcher-era free marketer the Royal family seems set to go the way of British Leyland and coal.

The Crown has long struggled sell in the competitive world of icons and celebrities.

Reigning monarchs once enjoyed a monopoly on status and publicity, a stage presence our current Queen as managed to retain through sheer duty and steely eyed grit.

Only the widely held respect Elizabeth II as earned over her reign as protected the Royal palaces from being mothballed or flogged off.

The Queen has also been fortunate in the era in which she has sat on the throne, with world wars and post-imperial decline offering space for the monarchy to forge a civic purpose acceptable to the masses.

In today’s multipolar celebrity world where progressive values and merit matter above divine right and obligations the Windsors are becoming a second rate attraction.

Why should Britons look to the second-rate medieval cosplay of the British royal family when they have relatable roll models – like that girl off Suits.

The fact the embracing of Meghan was a step beyond the Firm’s abilities as shown the gulf that exists between meritocratic multicultural liberalism of a republic like America, and the stuffy class deferential elite of England.

The Royals are the keystone on top the British aristocratic system, which underpins centuries of unequal economic relations and disfranchisement.

For a long time Britain unique constitutional system has provided a democratic visage to the wholly unaccountable institution of the Palace.

Recent revelations in the Guardian of the Queen lobbying for changes in legislation have fed the long running suspicion this Monarchy is not apolitical as commonly sold.

Meghan and Harry maybe the easier crisis for the media if not the Crown to get a handle on, with palace gossip and bridesmaid’s tears providing entertainment.

But royal correspondents are to aware who butters their bread to risk fully lifting the lid on the racism and snobbery woven into the fabric of British high society.

That may be why Meghan was the focus of such scorn and barely disguised vitriol from the establishment.

British Kings and Queen often had to fear pretenders across the seas, isolated isolated and exiled but still seen as a threat to the oder.

Meghan and Harry strike that same fear, allied as they are with own media American capitalist media establishment, ready with an armada of sniping grievances and bombshell revelations.

More ammo for the cause of republicanism which is sure to usher Britain finally into modernity with no sovereign besides the masses.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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