Batley and Spen: This is Keir Starmer’s last chance to save his leadership


BATLEY and Spen will be the next potential slip up for Keir Starmer.

Another by-election loss so soon after defeat in Hartlepool would send the sharks beginning to circle LOTO into a frenzy.

Having already jettisoned the left of the party and in the process insulted and smeared thousands of well meaning door knockers and leafleters, Sir Keir has been left with only a Blairite rump for ballast.

But the Labour ship is not listing right as much as sinking, with a gaping hole below the waterline where Starmer’s political vision should be.

Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair have emerged out of the wreckage of Labour’s election woes like a pair of dodgy inflatable life rafts.

Fair from putting the wind back in Starmer’s sails, Mandelson and Blair have savaged him for not offering voters a 1990s vision of third-way New Labourism.

Starmer has also been left rudderless by his offices attempt to unseat deputy leader Angela Rayner.

Trying and failing scapegoating the northern working class woman for a disastrous local election campaign in the “Red Wall”

The move backfired with Rayner now boasting more job titles than she held prior, and also hugely damaged Starmer’s core ‘competency’ brand.

All in all, the team Starmer desperately need a safe port of call but Sir Keir is unlikely to find one in Batley and Spen is unlikely.

Because the forensic Leader of the Opposition now boasts worse approval rating than his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn at the same point in his time in Labour’s top job according to YouGov.

A feat achieved with the aid of an all out media campaign against him, and until recent days a fairly loyal PLP.

Starmer is fast becoming Labour’s Iain Duncan-Smith and before he too falls, many more bricks will come unstuck from the “Red Wall.”

Featured Image: JamesVilla44 @WikimediaCommons

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