Redaction Weekly: President Lula polling to beat Brazil’s Bolsonaro

LULA DE SILVA’s return to Brazilian politics has seen him shoot to the top of presidential polling.

The working class hero of the Brazilian left was sprung for prison last March thanks to a legal ruling that dismissed corruption convictions.

The former president offers voters in Brazil a chance to shut the door on Jair Bolsonaro, branded a ‘psychopath’ by Lula.

Bolsonaro has overseen a drift toward international pariah status for Brazil, with a horrifically inept Covid-19 response which has collapsed the county’s health system.

Lula told the Guardian recently: “Today, Brazil is a global pariah. There’s no country with any credibility that likes Brazil. There’s no country that wants to welcome the Brazilian president and no president who wants to come here.”

The veteran Workers Party politician is currently predicted to secure a 20 percent lead on Bolsonaro in a second round Presidential run-off.

Leftwing politics in Latin America is showing other signs of renewal, Redaction reported on the rise of the little-known socialist socialist candidate Pedro Castillo in Peru.

Pedro Castillo could carry on political fairy tale in Peru – unless voters opt for safer Fujimori vote

BRIC countries including Brazil are come under server strain as a result of the pandemic. Failure of the bloc to coordinate in response to Covid points to long term systemic challenges.

Why BRICS will fracture

Meanwhile in the UK a myriad of progressive parties are looking to fill electoral gap left by Keir Starmer Labour party.

New socialist party to stand in Chesham and Amersham by-election

Featured Image: PT – Partido dos Trabalhadores @Flickr

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