Former Conservative MEP to stand for Rejoin EU Party in Chesham and Amersham by-election

By James Moules

THE REJOIN EU Party has selected an ex-Tory Member of the European Parliament to contest an upcoming by-election.

Brendan Donnelly will represent the recently founded pro-EU party in the Chesham and Amersham by-election – making him one of the eight candidates contesting the seat.

Donnelly served as a Conservative MEP between 1994 and 1999, and subsequently left the party for the short lived Pro-Euro Conservative Party – which was formed in 1999 to protest the Tory leadership’s Euroscepticism.

The constituency of Chesham and Amersham voted around 55 per cent to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum.

“We are only now beginning to see the economic, social and constitutional effects of Brexit,” Donnelly said.

“Brexit is putting at risk the unity of the United Kingdom, and making it poorer and more isolated in the world. Businesses are suffering from new red tape, having been promised the contrary.

“The obvious failure of Brexit needs to be reversed in the national interest and in the interests of Chesham and Amersham.

“My candidature in Chesham and Amersham is a part of what I hope will be a gathering campaign to rejoin the EU as more voters realise the harm inflicted by Brexit. Brexit is broken and it is breaking Britain.”

The Rejoin EU Party was formed in 2020 with the singular aim of bringing Britain back into the European Union.

It has since contested the London Mayorship with its leader Richard Hewison – as well as the regional list in the London Assembly elections.

While failing to win any contests, they placed eighth in the mayoral poll out of a field of 20 candidates and sixth out of eighteen in the London Assembly list vote.

Hewison said: “We are happy to have so knowledgeable and experienced a candidate as Brendan.

“Rejoin EU will be the only party in this by-election advocating rejoining the EU without any ifs or buts. The outcome of this by-election cannot change the Conservative majority in Westminster.

“It is however an opportunity for those many people who wish to rejoin the EU to support the Rejoin EU Party and a candidate who will campaign unambiguously for this to come about.”

The Chesham and Amersham by-election is set to be held on June 17, 2021.

It was triggered by the death of its long-serving MP Cheryl Gillan of the Conservative Party.

Featured Image: Richard Gardner (credit)

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5 thoughts on “Former Conservative MEP to stand for Rejoin EU Party in Chesham and Amersham by-election

    1. If People really want to Rejoin the EU then a pro-EU political party is the only way to make that statement. Brendan Donnelly is a seasoned and expert politician in the field of everything European Union, a pair of safe and confident, and greatly respected hands connecting with our European allies and intent upon restoring and securing all the benefits of EU membership for the UK.


  1. A Tory submarine to try and split the anti-Tory vote? Anyone wanting to rejoin the EU should vote LibDem in Chesham…. They want to rejoin, and they might actually have a chance of winning this Tory/Libdem marginal. Rejoin the EU party has zero chance of winnng, so just a wasted vote.


    1. I don’t think he’s a Tory Submarine, but pro EU voters shouldn’t waste their vote on him
      and vote for the most likely party that can beat the Tories be that Lib Dems or Labour.


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