Holding members of the Jewish diaspora responsible for the actions of Israel is racist and undermines the Palestinian cause


TARGETING Jews in the UK and around the world for the actions of the Israeli government is racist and only undermines the Palestinian cause. 

There is a disparity within domestic Israeli politics and law between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs, and the evidence points overwhelmingly towards a system which could be described as apartheid. 

However, the issue is overwhelmingly one of Israeli government and judicial policy. It has nothing to do with the thoughts or opinions of Jews living in Britain and around the world. 

The latest flare up in the Israel-Palestine conflict has drawn an enormous response from around the world for those sympathetic to the people living in Gaza and the West Bank.

Protests have been staged around the world which have seen tens of thousands taking to the streets to condemn the actions of the IDF and Israeli Air Force in Gaza.

However, the protests have also caused alarm in the UK’s Jewish community, who fear they will be personally targeted for the actions taken by Israel.

Sadly, the fears are not unfounded, with one group of activists driving around London advocating that people rape the daughters of Jews and kill them. 

This repulsive racist and sexist rhetoric not only attacks the UK’s Jewish community for actions taken by a foreign state, it also gives ammunition to the far right politics of Netanyahu and the Likud who appeal to fear as part of their political modus operandi, and in doing so undermines people who actually want things to improve for Palestianians.

In a movement which opposes an apartheid government, it is a massive hypocrisy for a supporter of Palestine to attack British Jews, or even to assume from their Jewishness that they have more of a stake in the conflict than any other Brit. 

Any criticism of Israeli policy should be directed where it is deserved, and that is towards the Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli judicial system, and the Israeli Defence Forces and Air Force. 

This criticism exists within Israel. Netanyahu recently found himself unable to form a government, and has been thrust back into the limelight following the storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the futile and self-indulgent barrages of rockets from Hamas, and the Israeli bombing campaign in Gaza.

The argument is not one of theology or one which necessarily concerns Jews who live in Britain. Any attack on them is not motivated by belief in the Palestinian cause, but by an underlying prejudice. 

Featured Image: Pixabay

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