Redaction Weekly: Different Leader, Same Violence in Gaza

BENJAMIN Netanyahu’s reign may have come to an end after 12 strained years in power – but for Palestinians, the oppression remains ever the same.

New Prime Minister Naftali Bennett – who notoriously boasted that he had “killed lots of Arabs” during his life – has simply picked up where he predecessor left off with the occupation.

Airstrikes were launched on Gaza on Tuesday evening, just hours after authorities allowed a far-right protest to proceed through East Jerusalem. Many demonstrators had been chanting “Death to Arabs”.

Some tentatively saw Bennett as a renewed chance at peace in the region, especially after the violence seen in May.

That has been quickly quashed. See the following statements from the generally pro-Palestinian Jeremy Corbyn:

It didn’t take long. Palestinians will continue to battle occupation against a seemingly different but ultimately similar oppressive regime.

But while the ballot box isn’t a source of comfort in Gaza and the West Bank, Peruvian leftists were jubilant this week as Pedro Castillo was finally confirmed as the new President-elect of Peru.

Keiko Fujimori had tried to defy the results – but rural and miner towns saved the schoolteacher, who rode the Pink Tide to victory.

Pedro Castillo’s seismic Peru victory signals return of the Pink Tide in Latin America

Unsurprisingly, the Conservatives retained Chesham and Amersham, maintaining their large Commons majority. It had been thought the Lib Dems could make inroads, but it just wasn’t enough.

Redaction Report produced a series of reports on the minor parties challenging for their desposits. While ultimately unsuccessful, democracy is all about providing alternatives to vote for.

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the new party aiming to bring socialism to Chesham and Amersham

EXCLUSIVE: Brendan Donnelly talks about his journey from Tory MEP to Rejoin EU candidate

Elsewhere in the UK, the Delta – or ‘Indian’ – variant means Freedom Day is delayed. But while many worry about having to wait a month to go clubbing, some South Asians have faced racial abuse in much the same way East Asians did earlier in the pandemic.

How the Covid-19 crisis in India shaped the Asian Lives Matter movement


Redaction Report will continue to have a lot in store for readers, including updates on the Batley and Spen by-election (ANOTHER ONE?).

Readers should keep a close eye on the Iranian election results, which should be trickling in over the weekend and beyond. Hardliner Ebrahim Raisi is set to earn a dominant win over the field. What will this mean for Tehran and Washington?

Featured Image: Dovereconomy at Hebrew Wikipedia, The Spokesperson of The Ministry of Economy

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