Redaction Weekly: It’s coming home for progressive patriots

ENGLAND has erupted into Euro-mania more acute than the headiest days of the EU referendum.

Manifestations of support for the quirky post-imperial rump state that is modern England has often manifested in nationalism and xenophobia.

Sometimes, some what unfairly, English fans have been viewed as embodying an “arrogance,” one not warranted by performances on the pitch.

Take “It’s Coming Home” the fan anthem of England’s remarkable Euro journey.

Fans of other nations can at time hear the song as a claim on the sport – a boast of the English speaking world’s cultural dominance.

Defenders of the chant argue it is in fact a self deprecating song telling of the numerous missed chances and the England football team’s failure to live up to the hype.

What is uncontested though is the fact the Gareth Southgate has transformed the way in which England is viewed around the world.

The fanbase has also grown with the current crop of England players the most universally admired in generations.

Southgate leads a team made of the anti-racist knee bending childhood poverty campaigners, one that reflects the best positively progressive patriotism of England.

Now they just need to beat the Italians.

Besides watching football, this week Redaction Report has reported on the future Poland’s right-wing ruling party which lost its formal majority last month.

Does Poland’s ruling party still have a parliamentary majority?

In the Middle East this week we looked at whether Iran’s new President-Elect Ebrahim Raisi will continue Hassan Rouhani’s course with the nation’s adversaries in the Middle East.

‘Hardliner’ Raisi will not ‘alter radically’ from Rouhani’s course in the Middle East

Turning to the UK demonstrators have drawn attention to section four of The PCSC Bill about unauthorised encampments which is due to impact the traveller community.

Pictures: Traveller communities unite at Drive to Survive demonstration in London

Looking Ahead

Redaction Report is excited to announce the first ever Redaction Debate, which we aim to hold later this month.

The debate will include a questions and answers session, in which the moderator will read out questions submitted by our readers and viewers.

If you have a question on the topic of EU membership that you want to put to Richard and Declan, please submit it to

Should the UK rejoin the European Union?

Featured Image: Pixabay

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