Redaction Weekly: Honesty in politics

IT’S a well known trope that politicians are frequently bereft of honesty.

But not all liars in politics are equal, and some lie more flagrantly and more wilfully than others.

Yet when Labour MP Dawn Butler sought to call out UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a liar, she was suspended from Parliament for the day for breaching conventions on polite discourse.

The fact checking website Full Fact validated many of the claims Butler made in her blasting of Johnson – which in turn raises questions about the procedure of Parliament and how politicians can hold their peers to account in the chamber.

Even more the question, is how can Labour claw back power from the Conservatives after their staggering defeat in 2019 and the split in the progressive vote across the nation.

Our writer Thomas Judge took a look at the prospect of a ‘Progressive Alliance’ and whether this is the left’s only path back to power.

Is a Progressive Alliance the only way for the left to win?

Meanwhile, the Northern Independence Party told Redaction Report that they want to hear far more about what a levelling up agenda would mean following the Prime Minister speech – and claimed that the Hartlepool by-election would not be the last time voters hear about them.

Northern Independence Party slams lack of substance in Boris Johnson’s levelling up speech

We’ve also recorded our first ever Redaction Report debate this weekend. The topic was the EU, and whether Britain should rejoin.

If you have a topic you’re passionate about that you want us to get journalists, activists and experts to debate, please get in touch at

Featured Image: Rwendland @WikimediaCommons

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