Debate: Should the United Kingdom seek to rejoin the European Union?

IT WAS one of the most significant questions presented to the British public of the 21st century. Leave, or Remain?

The Brexit question dominated the nation’s politics for half a decade. Should we leave? Should we stay in the single market? Is no deal the best option?

The UK left the EU finally in 2020. But is this the end of the story?

On Redaction Report, we hosted two remain voters in 2016 who have different opinions on rejoining the bloc.

Rejoin EU Party leader Richard Hewison and journalist Declan Carey debate on whether the UK should reverse the Brexit decision.

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Watch the debate here:

Featured Image: Pixabay

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22 thoughts on “Debate: Should the United Kingdom seek to rejoin the European Union?

    1. Of course we should rejoin the EU. This was never about taking back control of our sovereignty, we never lost it and never would.

      The referendum was severally flawed, based on lies. When the EU proposed tax laws to close loopholes, for all, the British elite stepped up to get us out of the EU. It was and still is about money and who controls it.

      The far right within the establishment have taken over the Conservative Party and senior civil service positions to engineer this.

      There’s far more behind this than we know. The ERG has a lot to answer for.

      They’ve taken away our freedom to work and live within the EU. We have been robbed.

      The sooner we rejoin, the better. All supporters of the EU, no matter what there background or party support must unite to and help.


      1. We should never have left we will now be a third world country I will always class myself as a European and firmly believe in the European Unity


  1. The 2016 referendum was an abdication of Government responsibility in an attempt by the then Prime Minister to silence a noisy faction of his own party. His gamble with the prosperity of the nation backfired and he further abdicated responsibility by resigning and pursuing a hypocritical career in lobbying instead of facing up to the mess he caused.

    Just as leaving the EU was an ill conceived solution to an undefined problem, rejoining the EU for its own sake would be an ill conceived solution to an undefined problem. Policy should be formed based on empirical evidence and an understanding of what is in the best interests of the majority. All policy decisions should be backed up with robust arguments and data. It may well be that a future Government makes policy decisions that bring closer ties with the EU, perhaps by joining the Single Market, or the Customs Union, or indeed joining the EU. However, these outcomes should be as a side effect of policy, not as a goal in their own right.


  2. Urgently, please make sure this awful Brexit idea will be revoked and all cones back as the UK left. Being united with the EU is so much better because it broke a lot of families and friendships. I would like to visit the UK as much as possible and see my friends I left behind. Is just a mess and provoked by government and misleading people not to tell them the truth before they voted. Need to be stopped asap.


  3. We should most certainly rejoin the EU. For a whole Myriad of reasons including financial ,jobs both here and on the continent,food shortages due to lack of pickers and HGV drivers medicines,education,travel.


  4. Yes after a referendum on what ever deal is currently on offer and rejoin. It must be the will of the people not the lying, cheating swill of the people represented by Johnson and co.


  5. Of course, the result was based on a flawed campaign and there was less than a million votes in it. The people it’s affected most didn’t even have the right to vote.


  6. As a European citizen, the UK should only be let in without all the opt outs they had in the past, if they ever want to come back in one piece.


  7. Leaving the EU has not brought and will not bring any benefits for Britain, only losses.
    Our aim must be to rejoin, but I believe it has to be done in stages.
    There could be broad public support now for an improved deal with the EU, which could take the form of single market and customs union membership.
    This would help repair the economic, social and political damage of leaving, without creating new divisions about EU membership.
    We would then be better placed to rejoin when the climate is ripe.


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