Redaction Weekly: Trouble in the Blue Wall

THE 2019 general election in the UK was a crushing disappointment for UK leftists – but perhaps what stung the most was the collapse of that Red Wall of old industrial areas in the north of England that flipped to the Conservatives.

For many of these constituencies, it was their first time voting Conservative in decades. For others, it was their first time ever.

However, a recent YouGov poll suggests that the Labour Party is not the only one in danger of falling foul of its traditional heartlands.

Several remain voting constituencies in the south of England that usually vote Tory have now been dubbed the “Blue Wall” – and YouGov’s data showed that the Conservatives are down eight points among these areas.

An early alarm bell for the Conservatives could be their loss in the recent Chesham and Amersham by-election – which saw a colossal swing towards the Liberal Democrats.

This poll may send shivers down the spines of several high profile Tory MPs – including Iain Duncan Smith and Dominic Raab, whose constituencies of Chingford and Woodford Green and Esher and Walton respectively would be under threat.

What’s more, it suggests that the political realignment based around the Brexit referendum could be far from over – and along with it the debate around Britain’s EU membership.

Redaction Report hosted its first ever debate on its YouTube channel recently – in which Rejoin EU Party leader Richard Hewison and journalist Declan Carey debated the question: Should the UK rejoin the European Union?

Also on our YouTube channel, Morning Star journalist and old friend of Redaction Matt Trinder joined the show to examine the current state of the UK Labour Party and what direction Britain’s main centre-left bloc should take.

WATCH: How to fix the Labour Party

Meanwhile, writer Matthew Norman turned his eyes to the ever headline-grabbing Israel-Palestine conflict, and examined the role of religion in the struggle.

Israel-Palestine: A conflict of Illusions

Featured Image: Pixabay

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