Polish Media Reform Bill will shut down government critics – and anger Biden

LAW and Justice’s media reform bill will crush Poland’s most vocal anti-government news channel while also goading the White House, an expert has said.

The bill, which proposes only allowing companies majority-owned by entities from the European Economic Area to hold broadcast licenses, would mean Discovery-owned TVN would not be allowed to carry on.

The controversial legislation – which has not yet passed – has already caused division within Polish politics, as well as sparking a sharp warning from Washington.

Professor Aleks Szczerbiak, an expert in Polish politics, told Redaction Report the bill creates leverage over Washington for Law and Justice, as well as ridding the party of an ardently anti-government broadcast.

Redaction Report will have a full write-up of the discussion in the near future. To listen to Professor Szczerbiak talk at length about the bill, become a Patron now for just $3 a month.

Aleks Szczerbiak is Professor of Politics and Contemporary European Studies at the University of Sussex.

Featured Image: Maciej SzczepaƄczyk @ Wikimedia Commons

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