Redaction Weekly: Raab and Boris on the rack over Afghanistan

DOMINIC RAAB and Boris Johnson have come under fire over an absence of leadership amid the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban last weekend.

Raab came under particular scorn in Wednesday’s emergency sitting of MPs in Westminster.

Reports in the press suggested the Foreign Secretary had neglected to pick up the phone in order to secure the safe evacuation of translators and other former British workers.

Labour MP Angela Eagle stood up before MPs to ask why the pair had been “on their holidays when this catastrophe happened?”

Johnson did not answer the question to the surprise of none.

But the catastrophe that has befallen Afghanistan has called into question more than just the competence of the UK Government.

It has also turned a spotlight on the judgement of the opposition Labour Party.

A little over a week ago the Labour Leader Keir Starmer was calling how the party to embrace the legacy of Tony Blair.

The credibility of Blair-era attempts at nation-building abroad, as damaged as there were, are now utterly destroyed.

As Arron Bastani at Novara Media put it: “Starmer’s foreign policy rationale in the Commons was re-heated Blairism.

“The country doesn’t want anymore war.”

Earlier this Redaction Report looked at the election challenge Labour faces from the left.

New socialist party gains first ever councillor after Labour defection

In particular Rosa Duffield MP for Canterbury faces a strong push by the Breakthrough Party to unseat her at the next election.

Why a new socialist party is challenging Labour in Canterbury

With the rest of the media glare firmly fixed on the Middle East, the team turned to the plight of tribespeople in the Amazon basin in the face of renewed illegal logging and farming operations.

Uncontacted Amazon tribes face danger as protection order from loggers expires next month

Featured Image: Pixabay

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