Redaction Weekly: September of elections beckons

ANY political junkie thrives on the drama of an election cycle – and this September is offering a few highly significant polls.

After the typically sleepy news month of August, Redaction Report is preparing to get our expert analysis ready for a number of upcoming elections.

Northern Europe will feature several polls, with voters in Norway and Iceland set to cast their ballots in the coming weeks.

However, most eyes will likely be on Germany – which is facing a historic vote as long-serving Chancellor Angela Merkel is not seeking re-election. At time of writing, the centre-left SPD has taken the lead in the opinion polls.

Meanwhile in North America, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has summoned his country’s electorate to the polls early for a snap election – hoping to secure the majority government that eluded him in 2019.

His main rival is set to be Erin O’Toole, who was elected leader of the Canadian Conservative Party last year.

In Asia, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has declared he will not seek re-election, triggering a leadership contest in the Liberal Democratic Party. This vote is set to be held towards the end of the month, and precedes an upcoming national election later this autumn.

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