WATCH: Breakthrough Party founder Alex Mays discusses Labour and the future of socialism in the UK

AFTER the bruising that Labour endured in 2019 under Jeremy Corbyn, the party’s left flank has found itself in a political wilderness.

The Socialist Campaign Group of left wing Labour MPs finds itself on the sidelines, while large numbers of supporters who backed the former leader have turned in their membership cards under the perceived shift to the centre under Keir Starmer.

Among those leaving the party was Alex Mays, who has since founded a new party called the Breakthrough Party – aiming to appeal to those that felt Labour no longer speaks for them.

Since then, it has contested a Parliamentary by-election and has got its first councillor through a defection from Labour.

Redaction Report spoke to Mays about how his party came to be and what he thinks is going wrong for Labour under Starmer.

Watch the interview here:

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Featured Image: Pixabay

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